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March 23, 2006

Principals of schools approved to serve as PSAE test sites this year can expect to receive their shipment of test preparation materials next week. (Harcourt is scheduled to start shipping on Monday, March 27.) This shipment will include

  • Parent informational brochures,
  • Test preparation packets for grade 11 students that contain booklets with sample test questions for Day 1 (the ACT) and Day 2, and
  • Copies of the 2005-2006 PSAE teacher’s handbook. (The two student booklets are included in Appendices D and E of the handbook.)

PSAE Test Supervisors can expect to receive copies of the Day 2 Supervisor’s Manual of Instructions from Harcourt late next week or early the following week of April 3.

All documents that will be included in these shipments have been posted as follows to the ISBE Web site at

bullet item General Information

  • How the PSAE Measures Student Progress Toward Meeting the Illinois Learning Standards
  • 2005-2006 Overview and Preparation Guide for PSAE Day 2(sample items for students)
  • ACT Assessment Test-Preparation Materials (off site)
  • WorkKeys Test-Preparation Materials:
    • Applied Mathematics (off site)
    • Reading for Information (off site)

bullet item Information for Educators

  • 2005-2006 PSAE Teacher's Handbook(contains sample items)
  • Setting Standards on the Prairie State Achievement Examination
  • PSAE Performance Definitions
  • PSAE Scale Score Cut Points
  • 2001 PSAE Reliability Estimates

bullet item Information for PSAE Test Supervisors/Accommodations Coordinators

  • Spring 2006 PSAE Day 2 Supervisor's Manual of Instructions

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