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March 20, 2006

With the winter weather storm threatening we hope this answers some of your questions.

2006 State Assessment Interruption Due to Snow Days – IMAGE INFORMATION

If a school district needs to take one or more snow days during its grades 3 through 8 IMAGE testing window, ISBE's Student Assessment Division will allow that district to take additional days equal to the number of snow days for testing or make-ups beyond its scheduled testing window. This/These additional day(s) should be the day(s) immediately following the scheduled end of testing.

Should you need additional days for testing please arrange for a UPS pick-up. If you were originally scheduled for IMAGE testing the week of March 13-24 and were scheduled for an automatic pick-up on March 27, you will need to call UPS to cancel your automatic pick-up, and reschedule a pick-up for your IMAGE test materials. If you have already called UPS to arrange for a pick-up date other than March 27 due to the adjustment in the IMAGE test windows, please call UPS at 1-877-536-2697 to reschedule the pick-up date. When you call UPS, please identify yourself as a Questar Educational Systems customer.

Please note: Your final data file will still be extracted at midnight on the last Friday of your scheduled testing window - even if you test into the following week due to the snow day(s).

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