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July 20, 2006


The Illinois State Board of Education intends to use the same process used last year for calculating school Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). AYP will be calculated once the report card data are submitted and approved by local superintendents and all of the assessment scores are available for the school. The assessment data should be considered final unless errors are identified or rescoring is requested.

Since it takes two consecutive years of making AYP to be removed from status, all Title I schools currently in federal improvement status that did not make AYP in 2005 will remain in improvement status and must offer choice options plus the services associated with that status, regardless of whether AYP is met. Those schools newly identified and those schools advancing in status should take all necessary action to implement the new status.

Beginning with 2006, there are several new conditions associated with calculating AYP. The conditions for making AYP are as follows:

  1. At least 95% of the students must be tested in reading and mathematics for the All group and subgroups. If the current year’s participation rate is less than 95%, the participation rate for AYP will be considered sufficient if the average of the current year and the preceding year is at least 95% or if the average of the current year and the two preceding years is at least 95%.
  2. Students in the All group and each subgroup must have performance levels of at least 47.5% Meeting/Exceeding standards for reading and mathematics. For any group (including the All group) with less than 47.5% Meeting/Exceeding standards, a 95% confidence interval will be applied, which may enable the group to meet AYP. Subgroups also may meet this condition through Safe Harbor provisions.
  3. For subgroups that do not meet their Safe Harbor targets, a 75% confidence interval will be applied, which may enable the subgroup to meet AYP.
  4. For schools not making AYP solely because the IEP subgroup fails to have 47.5% Meeting/Exceeding standards, a specific percentage (to be determined later) based on a prescribed formula will be added to the percent Meeting/Exceeding in accordance with the federal 2% flexibility provision. In 2005, 14% was used.
  5. For 2006, non-high schools must achieve an attendance rate of at least 89%, and high schools must achieve a graduation rate of at least 69%.

District AYP calculations will be made later, and at that time an explanation of the use of grade spans and how it relates to district improvement status will be provided.

Questions regarding Adequate Yearly Progress should be directed to the Data Analysis and Progress Reporting Division at (217) 782-3950.

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