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July 18, 2006

Scores posted on IWAS

The 2006 ISAT and IAA grades 3 – 8 scores are now posted on IWAS for over 700 SIS districts. There are 40 districts that still need to be completed and should be posted later this week.

These districts ISAT scores are also posted on Harcourt’s Spectrum for view only. Non-SIS districts’ scores are also posted on Spectrum -

The Assessment Correction file data was applied to the student information coming over from Harcourt and therefore, what you see on IWAS should be up to date with what districts have corrected. Districts can make corrections as needed until August 23, 2006. Non-SIS districts can make corrections online through Spectrum until August 23, 2006.

IMAGE scores should be posted later this week. PSAE will not be posted for another two weeks – more information will be forthcoming.

Go through IWAS to Reports to find the 2006 Assessment Score File.

To request rescoring of any test, please go for the procedures and request form.

***Remember that these data are preliminary and are not intended for public distribution. Districts take a risk if they go public with this information before final AYP calculations have been completed. The state will not be releasing statewide data until all tests have been scored and posted.

If you need assistance, please call the help center at Harcourt for Spectrum questions – 800-763-2306 - and or call 217/558-3600 for SIS questions.

Again, many thanks for your patience through this entire process.

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