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July 17, 2006

Posting of Scores

The ISAT scores for 700 districts are now posted on Spectrum – Districts have the capability of logging on and viewing ISAT scores including individual results in national percentile rank, Lexiles, stanines, etc. Directions for how to export data using the “Export Search Results” link on Spectrum will be posted on soon.

SIS districts can view only on Spectrum; Non-SIS districts can make demographic corrections on Spectrum. For help on Spectrum please call: 800-763-2306.

Spectrum, however, does not have the corrections that SIS districts have made on the Assessment Correction file and therefore, demographics will not necessarily be accurate until the results are posted on the Assessment Score file on IWAS.

We expect ISAT and IAA scores for SIS districts to be posted on SIS throughout this week– continue to check your IWAS account. We expect IMAGE scores to be posted this week. PSAE will be posted later – more information forthcoming.

I am sorry for the delay – we thought we would be posting everything last week – but were unable to do so.

If you need assistance, please call the help center at Harcourt for Spectrum questions – 800-763-2306 - and or call 217/558-3600 for SIS questions.

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