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January 20, 2006

ISAT Information

The issues below are regarding ISAT 2006 Testing:

1) 10 Minutes - Additional time allowed for all students, if needed - NEW THIS YEAR

For ISAT, students may have up to 10 additional minutes to complete each test session. If one or more students are still working and are actively engaged after 45 minutes have elapsed, they may be given up to 10 additional minutes to complete the test session, for a total of 55 minutes. The decision as to whether students are actively engaged and should receive additional time is made by the test administrator. If all students are finished after 45 minutes, the test session should be called to an end.

2) Extended Time for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students - NEW THIS YEAR

Beginning this year, LEP students who take ISAT may receive extended time on each test session. This extended time is over and above the additional 10 minutes that all students may have who are actively engaged in testing. Test administrators must decide ahead of time whether LEP students taking ISAT will receive the additional time beyond the 55 minutes total allowable for a test session. If you anticipate that such students will need extended time beyond the 55 minutes, these students should be tested separately.

The amount of additional time for these students beyond the 55 minutes (45 minutes plus 10 minutes additional) has not yet been specified, but should take into account the student’s needs as well as general considerations of what is reasonable. However, in no case may a test session for a student be split across days. Any test session begun on a given day should be finished by the end of that day.

3) Posters and Classroom Displays

  • There are only 2 types of posters that cannot be displayed on classroom walls during ISAT testing. (For posters and classroom displays that are not specifically prohibited, we are relying on your professional judgment.)

    1. Any poster that has step-by step instructions for answering a reading extended-response question--for example, the Reading Student-Friendly Rubrics.
    2. Any poster that displays and defines those root words and affixes listed in the Illinois Assessment Framework for Reading.
  • Students may not get out of their seats to refer to a poster or classroom display during testing.
  • Test Administrators should not make reference to posters or classroom displays immediately prior to or during testing. Likewise, posters or classroom displays should not be added to the classroom immediately prior to the two-week test window.
  • Posters or classroom displays may not be copied and moved to an alternative testing location which creates an artificial environment and may lead students to believe that they should use these during testing.

4) Desk Tops During Testing

Desk tops are to be clear except for test materials appropriate for that grade. Anything attached to the desk such as multiplication tables or word lists would have to be removed or covered up.
Appropriate materials include grade 3 test booklets, grade 4-8 test booklets and answer documents, writing utensils (No. 2 pencils, pen, if desired, highlighter, if desired), and for the mathematics test, calculators at grades 4-8, paper rulers at grades 3-8, and ISAT Mathematics Reference Sheets for grades 7 and 8. Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans may have additional materials on their desks as needed to provide accommodations.

  • Guidelines and appropriate materials for each grade will be covered in the 2006 ISAT District and School Coordination Manual, the ISAT test administration manuals, and the Professional Testing Practices for Educators, which will be available on the ISBE Web site in late January or February.

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