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February 20, 2006

Grade 11 pre-ID label deadline

This is a reminder that February 21 (Tuesday) is the LAST day for uploading grade 11 pre-ID assessment files to the State Student Information System (SIS). OR if your district does not have state student IDs, February 21 (Tuesday) is the last day for uploading to Harcourt’s Spectrum for PSAE and to Questar for grade 11 IMAGE.

If the pre-ID file is not successfully uploaded by midnight on Feb. 21, printed pre-ID labels will not be available to your high school(s) for the April testing of grade 11 PSAE and IMAGE. The student data will have to be “bubbled” in on the answer documents which CANNOT be done by students and must be done by district/school staff.

If you need assistance, please email or call 217-782-4823 or the Help Desk at 217-558-3600.

If your district misses the Feb. 21 deadline, these files must still be uploaded for the purposes of AYP participation and subgroup calculations. Corrections and new student information are expected to be uploaded and kept current throughout the testing window.

We will be announcing more regarding corrections in the next week.

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