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December 12, 2006

Grade 3-8 AYP

Final 2006 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) school results are now available through IWAS to superintendents for elementary and junior high/middle schools that contain any grades three through eight, but no grades higher than eight. AYP was calculated for the first time for schools in the non-SIS districts and recalculated for schools in the SIS districts. Elementary District AYP will be available this week. High school/district AYP results are still unavailable. AYP will not be made public by ISBE until School Report Cards are publicly posted.

With this notification of final AYP, schools with grades 3 through 8 who want to appeal have 30 calendar days to submit a letter to ISBE. These letters need to be sent to the Illinois State Board of Education and post marked by January 10, 2007. For more information about the appeal process, please call Andrea Wingo at 217-782-2223 or email (Appeals based on final AYP for high schools and districts should be submitted after final AYP for high schools and districts has been determined.)

Please go to and click on Process to Appeal School or District Improvement Status or

For grades 3 through 8: The 2006 assessment reports for grades 3 through 8 on IWAS have been updated to reflect rescoring results as requested by districts. Harcourt’s online system, Spectrum, has also updated its information to reflect the demographic changes made by districts. District superintendents can look at the individual student's scores and subscores on the Spectrum site - If the superintendent needs a login, please email

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