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August 1, 2006



Scores for all grades 3 – 8 tests (ISAT, IMAGE, and IAA) for all SIS districts are now posted on IWAS.

An additional 34,000 test scores have been added to district and school information. If you previously had missing students or duplicates, please check your data today to see if those have been corrected.

If you still have errors, you have until August 23 to make corrections. You can call 217-558-3600 for assistance.

Prairie State scores will not be posted until after August 11 – we apologize for this delay.

For technical assistance on IWAS for SIS districts, please call 217-558-3600 or email


All non-SIS districts have until August 23 to correct their ISAT and PSAE data online on Spectrum (1-800-763-2306) or for IMAGE on ServicePoint (1-800-931-6309).

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