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August 19, 2006


The data corrections window for grades 3-8 closes this Wednesday, August 23 at midnight. In order to get your data disks and student/school reports by October 1, we have to close the correction window this coming Wednesday.

We have 6000 students that have test scores but are not accounted for at their home district. They took the test but because of some mismatched data they are not showing up on districts’ Assessment Score report on IWAS. If these students are not corrected and moved over to the school and district IWAS Assessment Score and Correction files the missing students will count against a district and schools’ AYP participation.

I have been emailing superintendents and will continue to do so, to notify them of students who were tested at their district or who belong to their district but do not match with the Assessment Correction file. If you know that you have missing students on your IWAS Assessment Score files, please notify us immediately.

We realize how busy every school and district is right now with the opening of school – and that the lateness of ISAT scores has caused us all frustration – but we are now down to the last few days of corrections, and we want AYP and the reports to schools and parents to be accurate. If students are not on your Assessment Correction file, we cannot guarantee that the students will receive reports.

We have staff ready to help – please call 217-558-3600, 217-782-4823 or email . We need to get these scores to you but can’t do it without your accurate data.


Becky McCabe
Division Administrator
Student Assessment Division

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