PSAE Test Accommodations Coordinators:
Training Video for PSAE Day 1

This training video was produced by ACT and is intended to assist those responsible for submitting PSAE Day 1 test accommodations forms to ACT.

Notes of Clarification
  1. In the video (28:40), ACT staff refer to “paraphrasing test questions, limiting forced choices, reading the test to a small group of students rather than one-to-one.” Please be aware that these actions are NOT ALLOWED for PSAE testing, even as State-Allowed accommodations.

  2. In the video (2:01), ACT staff state that the Test Accommodations Coordinator must not be involved in coaching college or high school athletics. This is applicable only if any student requesting accommodations participates in athletics. This qualification is in place to protect testing staff who administer the test to students individually or in very small groups without other testing staff present. Please refer to the PSAE Test Accommodations Coordinator Qualifications and Responsibilities—Spring 2011 for a complete list of qualifications.

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