Illinois Growth Model Working Group

The Illinois State Board of Education established a Growth Model Working Group to address the following charge:

  1. Identify and coordinate the various uses and timelines for assessing and using student growth information including, but not limited to Public Act 096-0861, the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Phase II, the Race to the Top application, and the Race to the Top Assessment Consortia;

  2. Develop a rigorous process for evaluating different approaches to assessing Student growth utilizing peer benchmarking, empirical analysis, stakeholder input and expert review;

  3. Advise the State Superintendent and the State Board on the selection and use of growth information for instructional improvement, evaluation of teachers, principals and school effectiveness, resource allocation, school and district accountability, policy making; and

  4. Evaluate progress and effectiveness of the development and use of student Growth information at state, regional and local levels.

The Growth Model Working Group was chaired by Dr. Lizanne DeStefano, University of Illinois, and was made up of knowledgeable and influential members of key stakeholder groups, teachers, principals, superintendents, technical experts, ISBE staff and other state agency staff.