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Recommendations for FY 2003

These recommendations were approved by the Education Funding Advisory Board on November 29, 2001 and will serve as the basis for an interim report to the General Assembly for FY 2003 General State Aid issues. No recommendation was made for Supplemental General State Aid (105 ILCS 5/18-8.05(H)) at the November 29 meeting, however, it is anticipated that a poverty measure from the Department of Human Services will be available for review by mid-December. A recommendation for the FY 2003 poverty measure and allocation formula will be forthcoming shortly after that review is completed.


  1. 105 ILCS 5/18-8.05(B) The recommendation for the FY 2003 foundation level is $4,680.
  2. 105 ILCS 5/18-8.05(J) It is recommended that the General State Aid Hold Harmless continue in its present form through FY 2003.
  3. 105 ILCS 235/15 The continuing appropriation for General State Aid and Hold Harmless should be continued through FY2003.

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